Solar Raw Materials


Silcon Wafers

In the manufacturing process of entire solar power generation systems,  the silicon wafers that form the base of solar cells, the key components of the systems are manufactured. It is manufactured in the highest quality of silicon wafers using grinding wheel-related technology. Know more»

Solar Cells  

The basic idea of a solar cell is to convert light energy into electrical energy. The energy of light is transmitted by photons, small packets or quantums of light. Electrical energy is stored in electromagnetic fields, which in turn can make a current of electrons flow. Thus a solar cell converts light, a flow of photons, to electric current, a flow of electrons. Know more»

Solar Modules  

In very basic terms, a solar panel (PV module) is a device that will produce a flow of electricity under sunlight. This electricity can be used to charge batteries and, with the aid of an inverter, it can power normal household electrical devices, or "loads". PV modules can also be used in systems without batteries.Know more»


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